Valeria Scuteri was born in Stignano, in the province of Reggio Calabria. She moved to Turin, she graduated from art high school, subsequently following the painting course of the Albertina Academy and the Free School of the nude. She is a painter and sculptor, she matures her education by attending the atelier of the Piedmontese master Teonesto Deabate, a fundamental figure of her throughout her professional and human path. 

Very young, she made her debut as a painter with a solo show at the Ceppi gallery in Turin presented by the critic Ernesto Caballo, simultaneously launching an original and unprecedented research on the experimental possibilities of textiles that will later lead her to be recognized as one of the forerunners in Italy of Fiber Art. Become a refined exponent of this international language of North European and American roots. She has been invited to international reviews and public exhibitions promoted by important Italian and foreign cultural institutions and museums.

In the canvases, drawings, textile and performative sculptures, he develops a poetics that addresses the deepest themes of human existence. By weaving iron and steel wires into an experimental loom, or by manipulating wool and other materials with crochet, knitting or free weaving, the artist collects ancient traditions, reworking them in the light of contemporaneity with a personal philosophical thought that it embraces and unites existential reflections. She is particularly interested in the feminine universe, investigated in parallel with the masculine one through the choice of a manual skill embraced as a precise conceptual choice.

Teacher of art education, in addition to having conducted image education courses for teachers and experimental educational projects, to which he has supported the organization of charitable art initiatives in collaboration with public and private bodies, he holds specialized Fiber Art workshops. Among these, the seminar "The fingers of Penelope" on behalf of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Vimercate as part of the homonymous project, and in 2012 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. In 2015 he gave a lecture on his artistic work at the University of Perugia, within the course of History of Contemporary Art.

Several times he has held the position of president of the jury in international art exhibitions.

Some chapters have been dedicated to his work within two degree theses discussed in the 2005/2006 academic year, respectively at the University of Florence-Faculty of Architecture. Degree Course in Fashion Design and at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin - Theatrical scenography course.

Among the prestigious publications that have spoken about her, there is the textbook for compulsory schools of Art and Image "Fine Arts, Image and Communication" of the Petrini Publishing House. “Fiber Art Italiana - a virtuous intertwining” by Renata Pompas. Focus in the magazine "DIID Design and Art" entitled "il filo di Arianna" by Rossella Mana and Claudia Bottini. Interview by Barbara Pavan for the magazine "ARTEMORBIDA" and again the book "PROSPETTIVA PONTE and GENIUS LOCI".

Her artistic career has recorded prestigious awards since the beginning, when Valeria Scuteri is invited to the 1st Intercontinental Grand Prix of Art of the City of Venice Star held in '79 at Palazzo Grassi in Venice. You follow, in 1998 in Moncalieri (TO) the Saturnio Award for Art and Culture. Also in 1998, on the occasion of March 8, she was chosen by the German national television as the only artist for Italy for a documentary on woman and mother / artist, entitled Das Ende der Mama, directed by director Gudrun Friedrich.

She is selected in three editions of the International Biennial of Fiber Art of the City of Chieri, in 2004 traveling to the Museum of St. Gallen, to the Miniarttextil of Como, XV International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, curated by Luciano Caramel, and traveling to Montrouge and in 2009 the Musée du Textile de Haute Alsace dedicated a major solo exhibition to her. In 2016 she is included among the women of Italian Design in the international exhibition: XXI Triennale di Milano.

Alongside her appearances in international events, in le Maettlé and St. Marie aux Mine (France), she is invited as the only artist to exhibit at Palazzo Gonzaga, Volta Mantovana and at the performance in the gardens, as part of "Racconti di Moda", where receives the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, while one of his body sculptures "Book dress" was perfomately presented at the Conference "Book as a work of art, Book ad artwork. The artist's book between texts and pretexts ", held at the Arduino Library as part of the homonymous project of the Department of Culture of the City of Moncalieri, in collaboration with the Education Department of the Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the initiatives for "Turin World Book Capital". One of his body sculptures was presented performatively and then as an installation, in 2018 at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin on the occasion of the press conference of the exhibition: TRAME d’AUTORE (Exhibition included within the TRAMANDA 2018 review). Promoted and organized by the city of Chieri.

One of his works was included in the international project "Sicily bridge to Europe", conceived by the Regional Gallery of Palazzo Bellomo. Exhibition held in the former Monastery of the Retreat in Syracuse and later at the Ethnographic Museum in St. Petersburg. In 2011 she was interviewed by the Viennese writer, culture historian and journalist Christina Höfferer for a report on Radio Osterreich1.

In the last decade he has worked on monumental sculptures, created by weaving thousands of threads and intended for large spaces in order to relate between natural and artificial light following a creative planning in constant reflection between the external and internal world. The first segment of this unprecedented cycle was exhibited at the "Fabbrica" archeology space in Gambettola (FC) promoted by Fabbrica with the patronage of the Municipality of Gambettola, the Textile Museum of Prato and the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

Valeria Scuteri was President of the Jury of Young Fiber Contest 2016/17/18/19, of Open Call 2018/2019 and Member of the Jury with the Presidency of Fiorenzo Alfieri for the 2020 Edition.